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Center for research and production of diagnostic, research and therapeutic antibodies

Padza, the symbol of producing antibody in Iran

Padza Padtan Pajhooh company was established in 2017 with the aim of providing production and research services in the field of antibodies as well as antigens. So far, several antibodies related to cancer cell markers and more than 80 monoclonal and polyclonal antibody products and their enzyme and fluorescence conjugates have been produced in the company. Currently, the company has a large number of antibody-producing hybridomas in its hybridoma bank, of which about 200 products are available for public sale.

Our main services

Ask us for all products and services related to immunology

Our facilities

Having the best lab materials and equipment in the world that guarantee the results of the tests.

Our location

Tak DE, 4th Bimeh Ave, Ekbatan District, Tehran, Iran

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Count on us at all stages of a scientific project, from start to finish!

We use the latest technologies

Padza company, with a history of conducting research projects in identifying diagnostic and therapeutic targets for cancer, is always trying to carry out practical research activities in order to achieve national health and localization of biological technology.

"Having enough courage and boldness is necessary to solve the common problems of experimental sciences, including cellular and molecular, whose identifier is the absence of certainty from the date of their origin. Dissent is a word that, along with this courage, allows scientists of modern science to think, make decisions and act innovatively. If you want my humble opinion, the key to success in today's world is to change known theories and laws in science, and in fact, the goal of our team in establishing Padza was important from the beginning."

Hodjattallah Rabbani

CSO of Padza

Some of our services

Padza, as one of the active laboratory complexes in the strategic laboratory network (Labsnet), is ready to serve you valued customers

Flow cytometry services

  • Analysis of surface and intracellular indicators using monoclonal antibodies by flow cytometry
  • Analysis of transfection effectiveness and GFP protein expression by flow cytometry
  • Investigating apoptosis in blood lymphocyte cells with PE and FITC dyes by Flow cytometry

Apoptosis assay services

  • Carrying out apoptosis assay utilizing AnV-FITC, AA-7
  • Carrying out apoptosis assay utilizing AnV-FITC, PI
  • Analysis and isolation of cellular and immune system markers and determining the percentage of cell activity by flow cytometry

Antibody production services

  • Production of monoclonal antibody against specific antigen (fusion)
  • Immortalization of cells by hybridoma cell production method
  • Polyclonal antibody production services
  • Ascites fluid production services containing antibodies obtained from hybridoma cells

Why do people trust us

Attracting the trust of leading experts is by no means accidental. This trust is the result of years of work by an expert team from one of the best scientific research institutes in the country.

High quality laboratory

We have gathered together the best collection of available laboratory equipment to be able to compete with world-renowned brands.

Unique expertise

It is definitely not possible to progress with materials and equipment without sufficient expertise. We have gathered the best experts so that the output is worthy of our beloved country.

Accurate results

Work output is one of the things that guarantee the success of a complex. We invite you to definitely review the company's studies.

Experienced staff

Undoubtedly, human resources are the main feature of research and development of a scientific complex, where Padza prides itself in this field.

Latest case studies

You can see some of the latest new studies conducted in Padza with the cooperation of the country's best experts in the field of cancer

Experience a step forward in the science of immunology with us

If you encounter problems at any stage of your project, count on us. We will definitely be by your side.

Some of our valued customers

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No.5, Tak DE, 4th Bimeh Ave, Ekbatan District Tehran, Iran Postal code: 1393873935

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Tel : 71 29 66 44 021 Fax : 07 53 67 44 021



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