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Padza is proud to provide the best quality in products and services using local knowledge and expert team.

Flow cytometry services

  • Analysis of surface and intracellular indicators using monoclonal antibodies by flow cytometry
  • Analysis of transfection effectiveness and GFP protein expression by flow cytometry
  • Investigating apoptosis in blood lymphocyte cells with PE and FITC dyes by Flow cytometry

Cell culture services

  • Cell viability test
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cell (PBMC) extraction and culture services
  • Services of supplying different cell types (cell cultivation) with the method of preparing cryo from cell lines
  • Isolation services of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC)

Apoptosis assay services

  • Carrying out apoptosis assay utilizing AnV-FITC, AA-7
  • Carrying out apoptosis assay utilizing AnV-FITC, PI
  • Analysis and isolation of cellular and immune system markers and determining the percentage of cell activity by flow cytometry

ELISA services

  • Analysis, measurement and identification of antibodies and antigens and hormonal factors in livestock, poultry and animals
  • Antibody and antigen identification analysis by ELISA method
  • Protein measurement test (total) in biological samples with ELISA reader (microplate)

Microscopic services

  • Imaging with an epifluorescence microscope
  • Imaging with immunofluorescence microscopy
  • Imaging with a light microscope
  • Digital microscopic imaging of sections by microscopic method

Antibody production services

  • Production of monoclonal antibody against specific antigen (fusion)
  • Immortalization of cells by hybridoma cell production method
  • Polyclonal antibody production services
  • Ascites fluid production services containing antibodies obtained from hybridoma cells

Compilation of the best

We used years of experience to provide exemplary services to our country. We hope to be successful in this way.

01. Cell culture room

Utilization of the best biological materials used in cell culture along with facilities fully in accordance with international standards 

02. BD flow cytometer

Certainly, in performing sensitive flow cytometry tests, one of the most important points besides the user's expertise is the equipment used.

03. Olympus fluorescent microscope

One of the main problems in performing IHC and ICC tests and obtaining excellent results as well as accurate photos is related to the lack of proper facilities such as a high-precision fluorescent microscope.

Latest case studies

افتخار ما مراجعه بهترین متخصصان کشور به پادزا به منظور یافتن بهترین راه ممکن برای تشخیص به موقع و کم هزینه انواع سرطان می باشد.

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