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HRP Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG

Product Datasheet

Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG H&L (HRP)


Product name                     PDZRP115-H

Host species                       Rabbit

Target species                    Goat

Suitable for:                        IHC-P, WB, ELISA, Immunomicroscopy, Dot blot, ICC, IHC-Fr

Immunogen                         Goat IgG, whole molecule

 Conjugation                        HRP



Form                                     Liquid

Storage instructions            Shipped at 4 °C. Store at -20 °C. Avoid freeze/thaw cycle. Please see notes section. Store at darkness.


Storage buffer                      pH: 7.4, Preservative: Stabilizer, Constituents: PBS 0.01mM

Purity                                     Immunogen affinity or SpG purified

Purification notes                 This product was prepared from monospecific antiserum by immunoaffinity chromatography using IgG (Goat) coupled to Sepharose 4B.

Conjugation notes                Horseradish Peroxidase (HRP)

Clonality                                Polyclonal

Isotype                                  IgG

General notes                       HRP conjugated anti-Goat secondary antibody optimized for western blot and immunohistochemistry. Some customers reported seeing brown precipitates in the vials. The brown precipitates are very common with HRP conjugated antibodies; we suggest vortexing the vial and using this antibody as normal. Our customer’s feedback says the antibody worked great. If in case the antibody fails to give results then please contact our Scientific Support team for assistance.

For extended storage aliquot contents and freeze at -20 °C or below. Centrifuge product if not completely clear after standing at room temperature. This product is stable for several weeks at 4 °C as an undiluted liquid. Dilute only prior to immediate use.



Our Pzpromise guarantee covers the use of PDZGP115-H in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end-user.


IHC-P                                     1/1000.

WB                                         1/5000 – 1/10000.

(Suggested working dilution of 1/5000). In addition, found to work at 1/10000. Working dilutions are highlighted in the table below. Please note that the antibody can be diluted to 1:5,000 to 1:10,000 in many instances.

ELISA                                     1/4000 – 1/8000.

Immunomicroscopy              Use at an assay dependent concentration.

Dot blot                                  Use at an assay dependent concentration.

ICC                                         1/1000 – 1/5000.

IHC-Fr                                    1/1000



Replacement or refund for products not performing as stated on the datasheet. Valid for 12 months from date of delivery.

Terms and conditions

Guarantee only valid for products bought direct from PADZA or one of our authorized distributors


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